Barbouillageville: For those wondering, it is pronounced BAR-BWEE-ARJ-VEEL.

2013-03-26 21:26:15 by AliensOnToast

So over the past year, a friend of mine and myself have been working on a short animated film. It's about the struggle between two rival painters as their strive to envelope a white city with their respective colours. Now that it's finished I thought I wold release the film poster. For those wondering, it is pronounced BAR-BWEE-ARJ-VEEL and spelt even worse (oh and I'm not French, just pretentious). Barbouillageville is still a while away from hitting the portals as we're taking it on a film circuit first. One of the film festivals we're entered in is FUCKING CANNES! That's right, the fabulously famous French film festival held in Cannes each year. We're in the short film division, so if you're interested in a sneak peak, just fly to France or whatever. Well anyway, here is the film poster. If it tickles your fancy, feel free to watch the trailer on youtube

Also as a bonus, if you can correctly guess which film poster it parodies, YOU GET A WORTHLESS 10 POINTS and an e-hug.

Thanks for taking the time to read this crap,
Later :)

Barbouillageville: For those wondering, it is pronounced BAR-BWEE-ARJ-VEEL.


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2013-03-27 07:44:43

Obviously "The Human Centipede" (Titanic)
Can I still have my e-hug?

AliensOnToast responds:

HAHA. Here are your points *KA-PLOP* and your e-hug.

*awkward internet silence*